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  Mary (Detail)
Bronze Cast, edition of 10, 2002, 18” x 24”

Margaret Adams Parker

This cast is installed at The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, San Francisco CA.

Other casts are in place at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Arlington VA, Iglesia Santa Maria in Arlington VA, St. John’s Church in West Hartford CT, and in the chapel at the College of Preachers at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.

I intended with this sculpture to depict the biblical Mary: a young Jewish girl, her abdomen still swollen from pregnancy. She cradles her infant protectively, encircling him with her arms. She is vulnerable, as is every new mother, through this child. But Mary’s vulnerability carries a special prescient awareness of future suffering. The text which came to mind when I had created this image was from Luke 2:35, Simeon’s words to Mary: “And a sword will pierce your heart also.”

Email: pparker@vts.edu
Parish: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Arlington, Virginia


Image #2: Madonna, Angola





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