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The Rev. Dr. Joyce Caggiano

This woman is in a long line of people waiting to receive food assistance in a distant land. Her eyes are focused on something far beyond the reality of her present situation. The Madonna of Our Saviour is a mother for all ages and all places. I hope that this painting brings the past present and future together in the image of a God that knows all things and sees and feels all human suffering with us.


The Rev. Dr. Joyce Caggiano is an Episcopal priest living in Boston. Art has been part of Joyce's life since her childhood. Recently she has found it a comfort and restful distraction from the stresses of everyday. Color and light bring joy into her heart whether she is working with watercolor or acrylic or oils. Joyce feels most successful at communicating what she wants to say when she can take an ordinary literal image and transform it into the abstract. Dr. Caggiano believes that abstract art uses an unconscious language to expose the truth of Godís reality.

The Rev. Dr. Joyce Caggiano

Email: caggiano8120@mac.com
Parish: Church of Our Saviour, Arlington, Massachusetts





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