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  Connie Backus-Yoder
  Joyce Caggiano
  Deborah A. Cantwell
  Mary Anne Carley
  Osuna Miguel Conesa
  James D. Curtis
  Kelly Daniels
  Barbara Desrosiers
  Cathy Gibbons
  Joel Haas
  Jenna Higgins
  C. Robin Janning
  Caroline Kramer
  Marcia Landry
  Jeanelle McCall
  Judith McManis
  Romney O. Nesbitt
  Margaret A. Parker
  Donna Rathert
  Lynn Runnells
  Deborah Scarff
  Suzanne Schleck
  Janet Strickler
  Susan Tilt
  Vanessa Wells
  Tracy Williams
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  For Unto Us

Judith McManis

The amazing news of this message cannot be contained by time or language or expectations! From the deep brown of the earth, to the gathered star-dots, forming the words in Latin, to the contemporary English rendered in 5th Century letter-forms, and finally to the star itself, bursting from the word ‘US’, the announcement thrusts is importance before our eyes. Like the shepherds, each of us has been informed of the Incarnation of God in a way that is nearly too bright to gaze upon and certainly too astounding to contemplate!

Email: laudata@verizon.net
Parish: Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Burlington, Vermont




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