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Triptych: Incarnation
Photoshop tools (no imported images); Giclee Print (12-color ink press)
22" x 45"

  View left panel, View center panel, View right panel


Cathy Gibbons

I am influenced by the emotional resonance of color, by the possibility inherent in abstraction for each viewer to find their own story and by love for the beauty of God's living creation. I am also influenced by the labor of art to learn from the past, to embrace the search for meaning now and to use tools particular to an artist's time. This triptych is an attempt at living out those influences.

Color: The blue is a reference to the lapis pigments in medieval illuminated manuscripts (Mary's Books of Hours, specifically) and to the symbolic color given to Mary. It is also water and sky and "heaven." The gold is a reference to an earthly substance assigned with great worth. It is also sand and sun and "holy land." The weighting and blending of these two main colors, blue and gold, became a way to meditate on the mystery of Jesus.

Meaning: Life's most astounding gift –
Jesus, Immanuel – is still the ground of meaning.

Tools: As an artist, I've been experimenting with the computer as a tool of my time. I begin with a blank computer screen and with prayer, import no images and use photo/design tools –
color, lighting, filters, math and more – to experiment with form, emotion and meaning. I work closely with a local printer who has large format presses to translate screen color to print format (in its final version, for example, the triptych here is almost 4 feet x 2 feet, and the screen brightness of the blue took some work to get 'right' on the press).

When all is said and done, I hope that the images honor God and that people will find something that touches them.

Cathy Gibbons is an artist, published poet, and graphic designer from Central New York. She studied art and Spanish language/literature at Wells College (BA), The University of Madrid in Spain (a wonderful year in the Prado), UNAM (the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City where she lived for many years) and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University (MS). Currently, she designs special sections for Syracuse's daily newspaper and does her own visual/written art from the home she shares in Syracuse, NY with her husband Bob and their two amusing shih tzus.

Cathy Gibbons

Email: ccgibbons@twcny.rr.com
Parish: St. Paul’s Cathedral, Syracuse, New York




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