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Deborah A. Cantwell

I read that there was a new call for ECVA and went to read the details. I discovered it was a theme show about Advent for Advent. As many times as I have meditated for weeks and sometimes months about a new Christmas card to send to friends for the season, I have learned that the best and easiest way is to ask GOD for inspiration. This time there was hardly a heartbeat between the prayer and the image; a full image. I was amazed and, just like in lectio Divino, I meditated on the image until I knew it so well that I understood the medium, the hues and values. When I sat down to draw it I was amazed just how well I knew the image. Sometimes I find that I have to draw and redraw and think and look at other objects to get the details and medium ... not this one.

Frankly, I was surprised at the simplicity and child-likeness of the image. Of all the images GOD could have put in my head, I was surprised he chose the gift of the king in the silence of space en route to earth. I began to wonder, and let GOD take my heart and mind on a new journey into Advent.

...Could the Bethlehem star have been the light of the king coming to earth? 


Irrespective of formal training, experience or accolades it has been my experience on my spiritual journey that GOD has used visions and visual understandings as well as verbal and written experiences to guide and teach me. Just like with this piece; I have learned that the vision is just the beginning; even though it looks complete with lots of attention to detail or lack there of. The musing and subsequent journey that come after the vision or inspiration are the joy of a deeper personal relationship with God.

Deborah A. Cantwell

Email: deborah@canprod.com
Parish: Emmanuel Episcopal, Fulleton, California





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