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  The Word Made Flesh
Altar Cloth, fabric art, 9 ft x 4 ft

Connie Backus-Yoder

This altar cloth is to represent the anticipation of Christ who is the seed of David's hope made flesh. The Star of David crosses the skies on its way to Bethlehem where, through Mary's womb, it will be made manifest in the person of Jesus. 


Connie Backus-Yoder was born in West Point, NE in 1944 and lived in Wisner until graduation in 1962. She moved to Lincoln, NE in 1969 and has lived there ever since. Connie is a widow since January 2006 and has two sons, Kris and Kenneth. She has been a member of St. Mark's on the Campus since April, 2000. Her office is located in the Burkholder Project, 719 P Street Studio J, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The activities Connie is following through now include developing skills as liturgical vestments designer and fabric artist, quilt block designer and maker; and perfecting skills as a writer, composer, musician, and poet. She has also pursued a calling as a Healing Touch® practitioner, Spiritual Director and secretary.

Connie's education includes a Women’s Leadership Ministry degree from Berea University, 1985; B.A.’s in both Anthropology and Religion from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1996; a nearly completed B.F.A. in Music Organ and Music Composition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; courses completed with Healing Touch International; studied Spiritual Direction on the graduate level at Creighton University; two completed units of Clinical Pastoral Education, 2001-3, and a four-year completed Education for Ministry Program through Sewanee University of the South, 2003, through St. Mark’s Episcopal Church here in Lincoln.

Memberships of organizations that she has taken part in include the following: Toastmaster’s International; the American Guild of Organists; Sigma Alpha Iota, a women’s honorary fraternity; Golden Key National Honor Society; Healing Touch International; and Spiritual Director’s International. Connie is a member of the Order of St. Luke the Physician and am a cursillista of Cursillo #20 in Nebraska, 2005.

Connie Backus-Yoder

Email: cyoder@alltel.net
Parish: St. Mark's On the Campus Episcopal Church, Lincoln, Nebraska





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