Intersections... from feeding the world to remembering dear ones,
from understanding the sacramental energies and fruits of the earth
to witnessing the occasions of grace inherent in the structure of all breathing beings, the ECVA artists in this exhibition offer both divinely abstracted and humanly grounded perceptions. We hope that as you view this exhibition of intersections, you are able to discover, define, and perhaps even re-define your own.

The following poem by ECVA President, Ken Arnold, provides a fitting first step into this exhibition.


by Ken Arnold


“Where are you? What are you doing?”

Not cell-phone banter, she needs to know.

She thinks I’m lost. She’s been waiting.

“I’m at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk.”

It’s an old joke, but that’s where I am,

at an nondescript crossing without signs

in a city I don’t know. This is her town.

“A red Mercedes just passed”—

I check the sun—“going east.”

Her exasperated sigh is familiar.


I am not lost. I know where I am,

at the intersection of now and then

where my body has been deposited

between a mailbox and a fire hydrant

in front of a diner’s gaudy facade.

We always wake up where we are.

“There’s a cafe here.” I tell her the name.

“I’ll come to you,” she says, with

love’s assurance. I go in for a coffee,

sit by the window to watch as others

arrive at the corner and wait for the light.




Dick Adams

Jimpsie Ayres

Connie Backus-Yoder

Barbara Dee Baumgarten

Julie Christian Bender


Kathrin Burleson

Sherry Byrd

Diane Canfield Bywaters

Mary Anne Carley

Pamela Casey

Claire Joy

Alisa Clark

Grace Collins

Barbara Desrosiers

Gerard DiFalco

Roz Dimon

Scott Fisher

Tobias Stanislas Haller

Robert Graham Harles

Linda Witte Henke

Brandon J. Hudson

Roger Hutchison

Margaret A.W. Ingram

Roberta Karstetter

Brian R. Lindsay

James A. Mangum

Jeanelle McCall

Alysanne McGaffey

Barbara McGee

Linda McCray

Mary Jane Miller

Barbara J. Mitchell

Joseph Clayton Neiman

Corinne Collymore Peters

Betsy Porter

Terry Gay Puckett

Jan Richardson

Suzanne Schleck

RaRa Schlitt

Rosemary Schulz

Claudia L. Smith

Irvane Spracklin

Nancy Stoller

Kathy Thaden

Diane Walker

Jeanne Harris Weaver

Virginia Wieringa