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Wisdom of God   Anne Wetzel, Curator    presented June 20, 2006




by June Phelps
(Oil and decorative paper on canvas, 2003, 48" x 36")
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - Pacific Palisades, CA


For me, these works represent the spirit-driven journey. The spirit moves through each of us and around us, propelling us forward and outward from the confines of our past. We do not know how or when God will move us; we only know that we are moving through His blessing.
The spirit path, central figure happened spontaneously one day in 2001 as I worked in my studio. I was ripping up papers for use in my paintings, and this odd, figure-shaped paper piece landed on my worktable. I did not know what to do with it at first, wanting to collage it into other works. I kept it for a long while in the drawer, occasionally taking it out, trying to use it, but mostly, waiting.
Some time later, I came to understand that for me, the figure represents the journey of the spirit, and in particular, that of woman. From that moment of understanding, a large series of works numbering over 50 has been created with this figure as the central focus. Many are watercolors, inks on tissue paper. Two oil paintings are represented here.
Created during these last several years, their origin, process and meaning seem to exemplify the themes of the 2006 General Convention.


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