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Wisdom of God   Anne Wetzel, Curator    presented June 20, 2006



A Prayer; May Sorrow Become Joy

by Carol Cade
(Painting, 16" x 12")
Church of Our Saviour - Chicago, IL


When thinking in color and about light and dark; darkness is the absence of light but darkness absorbs color. Just think of each night fall. Evening means the time when things even out; it’s a time when colors disappear into darkness. Sometimes we can feel everything being absorbed into darkness. And, all colors are in light, as seen with a prism or through a raindrop in a rainbow. So, all colors are present and held in darkness and in light!
When we think of our own failings and the distress of the world in terms of darkness, we know how complex and deep, how thick and rich the darkness is. When we think of using light in the dark; even the smallest amount of light can shine and remain pure in darkness. And as light spreads, it doesn’t just cover darkness; it will actually replace darkness and reveal the colors and complexities that are present. Light will overwhelm darkness.


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