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  Dawn Eggenberger's Nativity  
watercolor on paper, 2000
11.75x15.5 inches

Dawn Eggenberger

Dawn writes, "These images are a reflection of my own experience with the preparation of childbirth. In December of 1996, I was expecting my son Nick, who is now eight years old. My husband Jeff and I felt connected to the holy family that season, and it was the advent of our relationship with the Episcopal Church and our journey with Christ. That beginning was a powerful experience that I still bring into my art again and again."

“Nativity” was started and painted around 2000. This expressed her experience of connection to the world through family, and the love of all mothers.

Dawn Eggenberger lives in Waterford, MI, with her family and 3 cats. She attends St. Andrews Episcopal Church and teaches watercolor painting in Waterford and Clarkston. She also enjoys gardening, cooking and nature.

Dawn Eggenberger
Email: eggy92@comcast.net

Parish: St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Waterford, MI






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