Patricia Resmondo

Let the Coastlands Rejoice

Artist Statement: The Coastlands Icon reminds us of our call to be stewards of the earth. The Holy Bible has hundreds of references to this, but was not always something emphasized in previous generations. Today, in the 21st Century, there is a strong call to truly care for God's creation, to realize we are not the owners but the caretakers. Science has been able to provide us with the information and technology to spread this this old/new knowledge.

Coastlands Icon is of the Gulf Coast - all creation rejoices in the coming of the Lord--we are all called, like the Holy Mother, to recognize Christ in our environments--to protect and restore, whether from storms, over development or human caused disasters such as the Gulf Coast oil spill. Contemplation: Psalm 100

bio: I have been "making art" for as long as I can remember – and am now 82 years old, having lived the past 65 years on the Florida Gulf Coast. Some of my instruction has been at University of West Florida, some private lessons, but, most importantly, from Phil Zimmerman, Master Iconographer. Have been writing icons for fifteen years, mostly in Byzantine style. Most recently, write in Spanish Colonial style due to rich Spanish history here and desire to show the beauty of this part of God’s creation. I lecture, teach icon writing classes, do commissioned works; have been blessed to have completed rather sizeable installations in churches.Thanks be to God!

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