ECVA presents member artists in Telling God Stories in the 21st Century

ECVA is pleased to announce its next exhibition,"Telling God Stories in the 21st Century." The exhibition, which will present artworks that convey encouraging personal interpretations and expressions of God stories, will be digitally displayed at beginning in mid-September 2017. ECVA Board Members Deborah Cantwell and Paula Artac will curate. The exhibition will be created for the web by ECVA web designer, The Rev. John Rollins.


In today’s global world, how does one experience God and how does an artist choose to communicate those stories? The purpose of this exhibit is to share God stories: simply the artist’s expression of his or her experiences of and with God. "Our goal is to give artist as much latitude of expression and media as they would like to tell their stories in today’s technology-driven world," explains Deborah Cantwell, co-curator of the exhibition with Paula Artac.


Frescoes, icons, stained-glass windows, sculptures, poetry, songs, and dance are all artful ways the stories of God have been told down through the ages. With the clarity of high definition and the realism of photography in the digital age, artists in the 21st century have pushed further and further for the freedom to tell their stories through personal interpretation and expression not limited to traditional symbolism or mediums.

Telling God stories in the 21st century goes beyond translation of sacred texts to icons, frescoes, stained-glass windows and sculptures. The digital age has expanded the choice of media and the opportunity or method of making the story public. This revolution is changing the dialogue and vision of the spiritual and sacred as well.

At the heart of all of these art forms is the story and the artist's interpretation of that story to give understanding and allow the viewer to more fully engage in the experience. The key is taking time to share those stories, bringing each to the wider community, sharing the value of each individual encounter with God, each unique interpretation, to draw the viewer in and share in the experience.


Digital submissions will be accepted until August 15, 2017.

Criteria For Artist Entry

Current members of The ECVA Artist Registry are invited to submit works in 2D, 3D, video and film as described below. To learn more about The ECVA Artist Registry, to join, or to renew a membership, visit The Artists Registry at ECVA via the link at the homepage. All artists are welcome to submit up to 4 works for this exhibition which will be displayed digitally on the website. The exhibition curators will make selections from entries received; submission of an entry to this exhibition is not a guarantee that the submission will appear in the exhibition.

Submission requirements

  • For each submission, send a digital image with the following specifications:
  • a) 72 dpi;
    b) the longest side = 600 pixels;
    c) file size under 1MB;
    d) JPG, TIF, or PNG format;
    e) file name: your name with title the artwork; example: John_Smith_- Joy_At_Dawn
  • Submission requirements for video/film works in addition to the above still shot (poster image) from your video:
  • a) include a link to your video at your Vimeo or YouTubeRed account;
    b) videos from YouTubeStandard accounts will not be considered
  • Submit an artist statement for each entry and one artist bio. Together the two statements will be less than 300 words. If a work has been collaboratively executed, please submit a group artists’ statement and group.
  • Include in your submission email:
  • a) your name;
    b) your preferred email address;
    c) your contact phone number that we can use to contact you if we have questions. This contact information is for our curators only.

Submit your entry

Send submissions to: Digital submissions will be accepted until August 15, 2017.

Call for Entries in PDF Format

"Telling God Stories in the 21st Century" Call for Entries is available in PDF format from the ECVA website here. Download the PDF.


If you have questions you may contact the curators: Deborah Cantwell, and Paula Artac,

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