Phyllis Jaffe

On the Third Day God Created Earth

Artist Statement: Jackson Pollack knew that “a painting has a life of its own.” For a painting to be authentic, the artist must put everything she knows about history, craftsmanship, life and her very being into its creation. A painting evolves from the interaction of these components to stand on its own. My paintings may suggest nature, but in my head they are challenges of a color palette, an idea, a moment in time, an experience that had meaning in my life.

bio: My professional career was in education, teaching art at every level, to becoming President of Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids Michigan. After retirement I traveled the world setting up art and gallery programs in developing countries. I attended Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC where I earned a Master’s Degree in Divinity. Since then I have consciously sought merge my creative energy with my spirituality.

After a life of education and service, my energy for the past several years has been focused on being a fulltime painter. My work is currently exhibited in local galleries around the world and can be seen in San Diego, New York, Sweden, Paris, and Germany and is owned by museums, friends and a few strangers.

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