Community Arts
  The Stations of the Cross Re-visualized
Trinity Episcopal Church - St. Louis, Missouri
Inspired by an ECVA online exhibition, Trinity Parish began a project to create a modern interpretation of the Stations of the Cross with art for each station created by a different parishioner. Trinity already had a set of bronze stations, but this new series brought together fourteen members to create a diverse group of work offering differing interpretations on the stations. “Some pieces are political, some spiritual, and some intensely personal."
  Advent Cross
Christ Church - Smithfield, Virginia
Five members at Christ Church decided to embark on a project to create an eight-foot tall cross depicting various aspects of Christ's life. The cross was introduced to the congregation by installing the cross and each of the sections during the first five weeks of Advent.
  Celebrate the Seasons with Worship Banners
St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

St. Thomas Church wanted to have seasonal banners "that through the course of a liturgical year, the congregation would be reminded of the mystery of Jesus Christ." They commissioned artist Jenny Gallo to design and create a series of banners using color and symbols to "aid the congregation’s appreciation of the sacred", but that would also blend with turn-of-the-century church.
  Spirituality & the Arts Camp
Christ Church Episcopal Parish - Lake Oswego, Oregon

For five days in July, Christ Church Episcopal Parish in Lake Oswego, Oregon, opens its doors to 40-50 youth. Not just any doors, but the ones that open hearts and minds to God’s love and beauty of making art.
  Legacy Tree - The Colorado Episcopal Legacy Society
Colorado Episcopal Foundation

Mosaic artist Kathy Thaden was commissioned to create a design for a permanent installation as a commemorative art installation to honor the founding churches and individuals of The Colorado Episcopal Legacy Society. With a tree as The Legacy Society's logo, Thaden decided, "My desire was to depict the tree of life in four seasons, remembering Ecclesiastes 'for everything there is a season', and the seasons of our own lives."
  The Holy Spirit Tapestry
Grace Episcopal Church - Baldwinsville, New York
Based on a design by artist Catherine Kapikian, over 50 people associated with Grace Episcopal Church created the Holy Spirit Tapestry
a needlepoint mural 10 feet wide by 9 feet tall. "Couched in the swirling, shifting hues, values and intensities of color, this work yields the mystery that God is at once Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. Fabricated by the resident community, it is a visible and material sign that God's love is found in this place through rich encounters.”
  The Way of the Cross
St. James Episcopal Cathedral - Fresno, California

After three years of work, sculptor Dorothy Gager's 14 Stations of the Cross were installed along The Way of the Cross, a garden path leading to the Chapel of the Holy Innocents. Of the stations, Father Carlos Raines, Dean of St. James Cathedral said, "It's a ministry for people to grieve over memorials. It's a healing path. Its intention is for people to connect to God who understands their hurt and pain."
  King of Peace Labyrinth
King of Peace Episcopal Church - Kingsland, Georgia

A journey began in 2000 when a group came together to form a new Episcopal congregation and began holding worship services in a house. Three and a half years later, their path has led them to the dedication of their newly constructed church building. They also constructed a sanctuary with a labyrinth built into the floor with 43,000 marble tiles.
  Front Porch Ministry
Trinity Cathedral - Cleveland, Ohio

At Trinity Cathedral, a program has been implemented to extend fellowship to those in need. Along with worship, there is a meal, the chance for companionship, and to create art. Under the guidance of artist Mary Ann Breisch, the concept for the Earth Flag was born – a chance for everyone to express his or her thoughts and hopes in a collaborated work of art.
  Circle of Invitation
The Piazza at Trinity Commons - Cleveland, Ohio

Artist Mary Ann Breisch has created a mosaic for The Piazza at Trinity Commons to create a since of moving "between something ancient into something that is yet to unfold."

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