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Spirituality & the Arts Camp

Christ Church Episcopal Parish
Lake Oswego, Oregon


By Greg J. Lewis


Miracles, Mysteries & Wonders Mural, 2005

  For five days in July, Christ Church Episcopal Parish in Lake Oswego, Oregon, opens its doors to 40-50 youth. Not just any doors, but the ones that open hearts and minds to God’s love and beauty of making art.

For the second year art professionals Marianne Rollinson, Gyllian Davies, Lesley Sepetoski, Barb Randall, Susie Coffman, and Greg J. Lewis brought their art talent and life experience to the highly successful Spirituality & the Arts Camp. Based on a spiritual theme, the camp participants focused on this year’s topic of Miracles, Mysteries & Wonders. Last year’s theme was from the 60’s song title and scriptural reference: To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn.

Mural paintings, prints, arts & crafts, mixed media drawing, even cooking, are all part of the program. There are no limits to the artists’ expression within the guidelines supplied by each professional artist working with the kids. Everyone participates in the success of their chosen project bringing their own brand of skills, insights and expression of ideas. The kids, who brainstorm their ideas, help create a mural size work of art that not only is of abstract beautiful, but spiritually focused and in full color worthy of exhibition.

After a morning session, each day opens with the theme introduction and a story. This was followed with a song, a dance, or a group game. The theme title was reinforced with a mini-sermon given by the Pastor of the Parish, Rev. Shannon Leach. The kids, fourth to eighth graders, then broke off into groups to join their pre-selected morning and afternoon art sessions. It is there that each artist reiterates the year’s theme with various art media projects. The lunch meals were shared with a closing day session.

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To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn Mural, 2004


For one short week, the young artists, as a creative community armed with a spiritual theme, volunteer leadership, and artistic guidance, come together for the Spirituality & the Arts Camp that continues to be a summer lighthouse – an open door to the Spirit and the Arts.


Christ Church Episcopal Parish
P.O. Box 447
1060 Chandler Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon  97034
(503) 636-5618
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The mission of Spirituality And The Arts Camp is to lead children in the discovery that they are beloved by God and that in each of them, He has placed special gifts and abilities.


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