At the inaugural exhibition for the Diocese of Vermont Chapter:
The Rev. Diane Nanckivell stands under the wing of “Good News Angel,”
a 12-foot-high sculpture in plaster and mixed media
by Melinda White-Bronson.

Episcopal Church and Visual Arts (ECVA) is a community of artists and individuals who share an appreciation of how art can influence our spiritual well-being and widen our spiritual expressions. Our roots are in the Episcopal Church, and our branches reach up and out. As a community, ECVA explores the visual arts and the ways in which they can be used within our churches, our ministries, and as part of our worship.

For General Information Inquiries, please contact Bob Tate.

For information relating to specific ECVA Chapters and/or Affiliates, please click HERE.

ECVA Chapters are local communities that provide opportunities (e.g., exhibits and workshops), dialogue, and fellowship within the wider ECVA network. A Chapter may encompass a wide or a small geographic area, but normally consists of artists from more than one parish, and may even include an entire Diocese. In some cases, a single parish with a large enough arts community may be granted Parish Affiliate status when there are no companion parishes with which they may join in the usual chapter model. In this same way, an Ecumenical Affiliate might also form.

Chapter and Affiliate members might represent any area of the arts world,  including professional artists, liturgical specialists, art historians, theologians, and various parish program coordinators. Varied membership fosters mentoring, networking, and sharing of resources. Through seminars, exhibitions, and conversations, the issues of the visual arts are brought to the table, shared, explored, and re-visioned.

This format is a flexible model, that serves the changing needs and interests of local ECVA members. Typically, a Chapter or Affiliate begins with an artists’ dinner where guests share a meal, present the work of their artists, see a presentation about ECVA, and share fellowship. Once formed, individual members will decide on the type and level of activity they will pursue. Some may choose to gather regularly; sponsor arts exhibits, seminars, and workshops; and/or publish a newsletter. Others may simply gather once a year for an artists’ dinner and renewed fellowship.

ECVA Chapters offer extraordinary opportunities for artists to discuss the spiritual nature of their work, to inspire each other, and to encourage the visual arts within the life of the Episcopal Church.
The first Chapters were established in 2002 in New York City and San Francisco and have since grown to more than a dozen (including Parish Affiliates).

To read about the New Jersey Chapter's inaugural dinner and exhibit, please click here. The New Jersey Chapter has also provided some sample documents to help plan for an inaugural dinner. (These documents are in MS Word format.)

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