"Art can approach,
can give form to,
the transcendent 'otherness'
that is Christ."

Thus, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams defines art in this new millennium. Art, as with prayer, meditation, and work, offers us a path toward the revelation of Christ in the world. 'Deus Revelatus', translated from the Latin, means 'God Revealed'.

As Archbishop Williams suggests, viewing art can give rise to revelation, new perceptions leading to and becoming faith. The mission of The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts is to encourage artists, individuals, congregations, and scholars to engage the visual arts in the spiritual life of the church. ECVA supports local visual arts communities, assists churches in visual arts integration into worship space and liturgy, and develops forums to explore the theology of visual art. Encouraging the visual arts in the life of the Episcopal Church.

You are invited to view the work of artists exhibiting with ECVA in this four and a half minute streaming presentation, 'Deus Revelatus'.



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