O Radix Jesse

Linda Witte Henke


Cotton fabric, synthetic felt, applique, stitching, Embroidery, found objects

Artist Statement: This series was inspired by "The Great O Antiphons," a collection of prayers dating back as far as the fourth or fifth centuries that are intended for use during the final seven days before Christmas. The prayers, which address God using several Old Testament titles and express a growing sense of urgency for the Messiah’s coming, give voice to poignant human longings that are as relevant today as they were in centuries past. This is the version of the third prayer as it appears on this panel:

O RADIX JESSE (Branch of Jesse), you reach deep down into the darkness of the earth and stir the world’s longings for deliverance and hope; raise up within our own lives a spirit of courage and strength, of wisdom and insight, that we may add to the coming of the kingdom; through the merits of the One we know as the Beginning of the Ages, even Christ our Lord.

The works in this series were created from cotton fabric, cotton batting, and synthetic felt that was dyed, painted, stenciled, and stamped, then embellished with appliqué, improvisational stitching, hand embroidery, and found objects (metal hardware and plastic stars).

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