Marge B. Fulton



Wings Of Serenity
Mixed media

Statement: This "skelly" figure has come back from the brink of death and still bears the scars of addiction. But she has wings! She wears the Serenity Prayer, and has the powerhouse of Narcotics Anonymous to uplift her each and every day. She wants to get the prayer tattooed on her, just like a beautiful young man she met in rehab.


Bio: Our small Episcopal church, in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, has opened its doors to Narcotics Anonymous for many years. The Serenity Prayer, twelve steps, open hearts and coffee fuel recovery for many addicts. Last year my own family became a part of this grace in action. My family member is about to realize six months of sober living. These figures are my way of giving praise for that milestone and my own healing. My "skelly" dolls embody the alienation that addicts and their loved ones often feel.


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