Mary Lou Hartman




Statement: This is a portrait of Catherine Flowers, a tremendous activist on behalf of the rural poor in Lowdnes County, Alabama, where Catherine grew up. She is the daughter of civil rights activists and, following in their footsteps, has been fighting poverty, economic racism and water/sanitation issues in her community for many years. In this photograph, we are standing in a church graveyard where Catherine’s parents are buried. She had taken me here because her parents were very influential in her life and shaped her deep faith and convictions. As she shared stories with me about growing up in the civil-rights movement, Catherine was flooded with memories and filled with sadness, both at the loss of her parents and the legacy of racism that remains. Overwhelmed, Catherine stopped, closed her eyes, and prayed.


Bio: I am a graduate student, pursuing a dual degree in Theological Studies and Peace and Conflict Resolution at Wesley Theological Seminary and American University in Washington, DC. 



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