Margaret Amada



Looking at the Face of the Crucified Christ
Oil on sheet metal

Statement: This is such a personal statement of prayer for me that I feel awkward showing it to others! I was going through a period of opening myself for healing of pain from the past. I could only go so far with the healing, and I felt that the only way I'd be healed was to climb up the cross and look into the face of crucified Jesus, so that I could see his pain. This painting is the prayer itself, rather than being about prayer. Creating the image allowed me to feel that I was looking into the face of Christ on the Cross, and letting that experience heal me.


Bio: I was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1953. I started drawing and painting as a little girl. Although my family was very religious, I wasn't taught how to pray other than reciting written prayers like the Lord's Prayer. A spiritual director in Mexico taught me how to pray, in Spanish, when I was 23. Between 1987 and 1989 I lived in a Benedictine monastery in Mexico City, and started doing artwork which reflected my prayer life and immersion into the Liturgy of the Hours and Bible readings. Some of my pieces, most commonly in pastels or oil, are about what is happening in my prayer life, and others are about Biblical stories or passages that move me.


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