Barbara Mitchell



Prayers At The Wailing Wall
Fabric Art

Statement: On a recent trip to Israel, I spent time at the Women’s Section of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  This has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, and many people leave written prayer notes tucked into cracks between stones.   I witnessed women of various nationalities and languages praying at this location; prayers were silent, verbal, or physical with hands placed against the wall.  It was a privilege and honor to share a time of prayer with women in this holy place; I imagined prayers being offered for families, health, safety, and peace.  I was reminded of how our prayers unite us wherever and whoever we are.


Bio: Working with fabric and fibers in an artistic way allows me to express some of my deepest beliefs: the grace of our Creator God, the beauty of the created world, and the sacred and common elements we each face in daily life.  All my designs are original:  landscapes based on real or imagined places and abstract compositions driven by color and movement.  I rarely begin with a fixed idea in mind; instead, I work intuitively and play until the fabric tells me what it wants to be.  I also enjoy making clergy stoles and processional banners. In 2011 and 2013, my work was chosen to be in a national level show of art quilts known as Sacred Threads, held in alternate years in the Washington DC area.  My works are in private and liturgical collections and I show my work at juried art shows.



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