Anne Cameron Cutri



Praying For Peace
Acrylic on paper, digitally altered
20 x 24 inches

Statement: I created this spontaneously one day after praying, attempting to show what prayer looks like visually, as it flows out from the heart.


Bio: Anne Cutri has been pursuing her artistic endeavors for about 30 years. Her work has always explored the inner landscape and the unseen. Mysticism a key component and of late, prophecy, which orchestrates the symbolic and energetic interpretation of her intimate relationship to the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and biblical teachings. Cutri has shown her work from Boston to Dallas and points in between. An upcoming show in which Cutri will have a painting is, “Blessed,” to be exhibited in Houston in the spring. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Art Therapy, to graduate in Spring 2014. You can see more work at:



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