Lisa Bell



Ave Maria
Watercolor and ink on paper

Statement: Ave Maria is one of the most widely known prayers in all of Christian history. It is a combination of Gabriel’s greeting to Mary at the Annunciation, and the words of Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, when she realizes that Mary is pregnant with God’s Son. (Mary’s answer, Magnificat, is equally well-known). The color scheme of this illumination comes from Medieval painting, in which Mary wears a blue veil or cloak, and is associated with the color white, for purity. The shape of the paper is reminiscent of an altarpiece with its doors wide open – Mary opens the gate of Heaven to us.


Bio: Lisa Bell is an honors graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a BFA in Painting, with a History of Art minor, focusing on Early Christian and Medieval Art. Her work is a fusion of these two fields of study, combining illuminated manuscripts, and texts taken from traditional liturgy and Scripture, with heavy, visceral fields of color. It is essentially a marriage of Medieval mysticism and blood-and-guts faith existing in the present moment, which is where time touches eternity, where prayer and human longing touch God. The resulting illuminations are as heavily rooted in centuries old manuscripts as they are in the world in which we live, and move, and have our physical being. Lisa currently lives and works in Hartford, CT.



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