Linda Witte Henke



Mixed media
22 x 26 inches

Statement: This work celebrates the role of the Holy Spirit, described in Romans 8:26, as interceding for us with "sighs too deep for words."  I cling to this promise, entrusting my sometimes-wordless need to the Spirit's loving embrace. 


Bio: I am a mixed-media artist specializing in work inspired by my faith in God, the sacred texts that ground my faith, and experiences on my life journey.  My work is informed by degrees in journalism and theology, studies in art and surface design, and experiences as both an author and pastor. My work is displayed in juried solo, group, and invitational exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and North America, where it also resides in corporate, parish, and private collections. I am pleased to maintain an active commission schedule, primarily for projects that are purposed for liturgical use. I also maintain several thematic exhibition collections that I am pleased to make available on lease-loan to host venues throughout the U.S.


I welcome inquiries into my ministry in the arts at


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