Elizabeth Rose Scholder

Pharaoh’s Daughter

12" x 24”, oil

Artist Statement: The daughter of Pharaoh went down to bathe at the river; she saw the baby Moses in a basket. She held him up proclaiming him to be one of the Hebrews. I hope this shows the love and compassion she had, as we should all have for one another, especially the innocents.

bio: Elizabeth Rose Scholder works at her home studio, and teaches painting, drawing, and other forms of art at Cocoa Beach library in Brevard County, FL. She creates commissioned pieces such as portraits, greeting cards, and wedding paper suites. Her main media is oil paint, and her favorite subject is people, and faces. She can bring a person to life on canvas, highlighting their inner beauty. The wedding paper suites consist of cards used from the engagement period to the thank you notes. They are little water colors strung together with a theme, text added graphically.

Whatever project she does is God-centered, her praying that it will give a sense of love and grace to the viewer. She draws inspiration from nature, God’s light, forever grateful that she can see cast shadows, the drama that comes from Him, alone. She is a vociferous reader, who also makes visualizations in paint, of literature--certain passages from the Bible, poetry of Robert Frost, lyrics by Springsteen, to name a few.

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