Alisa Clark


Artist Statement: The collage elements inside this artwork belong to me. I did not use someone else’s content to share on this canvas. I needed it to be this way. I needed every word and image to speak of my story. In the background are images from my past: art I made about my life and my experiences.

The images are all of things that matter deeply to me. In the foreground, you will see the wrought iron bed from my parents’ bedroom. It now sits empty, but there were 60 years of them sleeping in it together. Only God can make that happen. My story is always about the way God is always in my story. Look and you will find Him. He is covering every inch of my canvas.

bio: Alisa E. Clark believes in the power of spiritual autobiography: its power to reveal God’s constant presence in our daily lives. As a child, Alisa began using art for her own spiritual exploration. After receiving a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute and a M.S. in education, Alisa became more intentional about sharing her spiritual experiences through art making. Using artwork made on her journey as her guide, Alisa wrote her own spiritual autobiography. She then continued to use her art as a voice for sharing her story. Alisa now seeks for ways to continue sharing her journey and encouraging others to do the same. She trusts that by sharing her own story she will be able to help others share in return. Alisa’s always finds that her canvas is her favorite place to share.

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