Judith Fritchman

Leah's Hope

Oil on panel, 24 X24"

Artist Statement: In the book of Genesis, when the Lord saw Leah was not Jacob’s first choice for a wife, He blessed her with children. With each child, her hope for Jacob’s love grew stronger. She winds the wool spun by her sister, Rachel, which encircles her children and leads them into the future as part of the tribes of Israel.

bio: As long as I can remember, my greatest joy and challenge has been drawing and painting the images around me which capture my imagination. Of all God's wondrous, infinitely varied creations, it is the human form which most fascinates and humbles me.

In my study of classical art, I have turned to the work of master artists for instruction and inspiration. Early artists developed a visual language through their observation of the human figure, exploring the significance of humanity as created by God. As time has passed, these artists have shaped our concepts of scriptural stories; through our own humanity we are drawn into this conversation with the artist.

My curiosity about the women who reside in the pages of scripture became a theme for a series of paintings. These women awakened each morning and lived their ordinary lives with little expected or offered to them in their culture. At some significant point in time, God touched their lives in a personal way. How did these moments of grace affect them emotionally and spiritually? How can I, in today's world, identify with their humanity?

In exploring these themes, I have attempted to echo the traditions of narrative, design, and symbolism woven into art through the centuries, and present them within today’s context.

It is my hope that this work will engage your imagination about what it means to be human in the world which God has created.

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