Terry Gay Puckett

Santo Nino Anoche

Watercolor on paper

Artist Statement: Santo Nino of Anoche is the saint of travelers and prisoners. He is my favorite saint. We place personal prayers and messages under the feet of his statue in my home. He is depicted in this painting wandering at night in the Texas brush country, helping those in need of food and water.

bio: Terry Gay Puckett’s art is infused with spirituality and bold color, and fueled by curiosity and travel. Her artistic journey began in Amarillo, Texas with a red crayon, as an infant. She reshapes thoughts and dreams into images of personal fantasy. In 2009 she was honored to be the San Antonio Art League and Museum’s Artist of the Year. She has won awards for water based painting, mixed media, and vitreous enamel on metal. She has exhibited in the USA, Mexico, France, Argentina, Honduras and Spain. Various examples of her liturgical pieces featuring designs and enamel techniques are located in St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas. Twenty-two examples of her work are in the art collection of the University Health System of the Robert B. Green Hospital. Puckett’s formal career as an art educator began at The Southwest Craft Center as an instructor. She became a Professor of Art at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, Texas and ultimately Professor Emeritus. She now serves as a juror and workshop instructor, and leads occasional cultural tours to Central America.

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