Judith Fritchman


Casting Stones
Oil on Linen/Panel    
40inches by 60 inches

The story of the accused woman brought before the crowd in the temple is told in John 8: 2-11. She is shown standing in shame before Jesus and the crowd in the temple courtyard, her shame and vulnerability starkly exposed to public scrutiny. Her accusers demanded that Jesus determine her fate, evoking the law of Moses, which stated that she be stoned.  Jesus, aware that this was an attempt to trap him, knelt in silence and began to write in the sand.

It is not known what Jesus wrote, but when he was continually pressed for an answer, he rose and said, "Anyone who has not sinned can throw the first stone at her."  Then he knelt again and continued to write on the ground.

Those who heard him, went out in silence, one by one.

Alone in the courtyard, the woman stood before the humble, kneeling Christ, who offered her compassion and redemption.





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