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    SSt Michael's Episcopal Church - Bon Air, Virginia
Creative inspiration can arise in the oddest of places. For a parishioner at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in the Richmond neighborhood of Bon Air, Virginia, inspiration hit inside a Saks Fifth Avenue department store. Don Spriggs wandered into Saks looking for a hat one fall day in 2005 and came out with eighteen goats donated to the church. Goats? Yes, goats – in this case goat shaped mannequins that had been used by the store as part of a display of cashmere garments.
  Trinity Episcopal Church - St. Louis, Missouri
ommitted to beauty and art, members at Trinity Episcopal Church have amassed an eclectic collection of liturgical art and design pieces over the years by nationally known artists and craftspeople, and by members of the church.
  St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Franklin, Tennessee
The first Episcopal Church established in Tennessee, St. Paul's Church would be resurrected from the ruins of the Civil War. Its history and Louis Comfort Tiffany windows are a befitting legacy for the "Mother Church of the Diocese of Tennessee."
  Nativity Episcopal Church - Bloomfield Township, Michigan
Since it’s beginning, Nativity Episcopal Church has had members of great talent and enthusiasm. From its stained glass windows, to creative banners, to the “prayer corner”, this church has inspired a ministry of the arts.
  St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Wilkesboro, North Carolina
For more than one hundred and fifty years, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has found a home atop a steep hill in downtown Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Changes have come to this historic mountain church through the years, but in 2002 it embarked on a new journey that includes the visual arts when internationally known artist Ben Long painted two frescos depicting the story of St. Paul at the church.
  St. Dunstan's Church of the Highlands Parish - Shoreline, Washington
There are different types of the beauty of holiness. The Florence Henry Memorial Chapel speaks of a deep traditional artistic glory. St. Dunstan’s Church has carefully added human works among a natural glory. The parishioners of St. Dunstan’s Church of the Highlands Parish receive nurture from both.
  Grace Episcopal Church - Mt. Meigs, Alabama
As suburban life encroaches on this historic church, its members can take heart that there is a place of quiet and beauty where one can still enjoy a harmony with nature. Grace Church still retains the charm of the original country church with one important addition, a garden built on the Arts and Crafts ideals of reverence of nature, honesty of design, and respect for traditions of place.
  Grace Episcopal Church - Spring Hill, Tennessee
In this small Tennessee town sits Grace Episcopal Church. Built in the Carpenter Gothic style, it has an altar rail carved with grapevines, leaves, and clusters of grapes. This small congregation is dedicated to preserving its fine features and its wonderful heritage.
  St. Bede's Episcopal Church - Atlanta, Georgia
Above the altar at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church is a modern cruciform sculpture created by artist Ann Cowperthwaite. Designed as a representation of the teachings of the church’s namesake, Bede the Venerable, his words are incorporated into the sculpture that "Christ is the Morning Star . . .".
  St. John's Episcopal Church - Maury County, Tennessee
In 1864, the Confederate Army of Tennessee marched past St. John’s Episcopal Church on its way to face Union troops at Franklin, Tennessee. General Patrick Cleburne, while passing by the church, is said to have remarked, “This is the most beautiful and peaceful spot I ever beheld . . . It is almost worth dying to be buried in such a beautiful spot.”
  St. James Episcopal Church - Wilmington, North Carolina
From the days the Spanish roamed the coast, through the fight for independence from the British, and the dark years of the Civil War, the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina, has been a vital link to the sea. And standing at its center has been St. James Episcopal Church. After a failed attack by the Spanish in 1748, they left behind a heavily damaged ship. On board the ship was discovered a painting of Christ that would find a new home in St. James Church.
  2002    Art/Community/Story Exhibition
  The Parish of the Holy Communion - Glendale Springs/West Jefferson, North Carolina
  St. John's Episcopal Church - Kirkland, Washington
  All Saints Episcopal Church - Linville, North Carolina
  Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green - New Haven, Connecticut
  St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Ojai, California
  St. John's Episcopal Church - Olney, Maryland
  Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Opelika, Alabama
  Church of the Holy Spirit - Orleans, Massachusetts
  Trinity Episcopal Church - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  Church of St. Mary of the Harbor - Provincetown, Massachusetts
  St. Timothy's Episcopal Church - Salem, Oregon
  Epiphany Mission Episcopal Church - Sherwood, Tennessee
  St. John's Episcopal Church - Toledo, Oregon
  St. Augustine's Episcopal Church - Washington, DC
  St. Philip's Episcopal Church - Wrangell, Alaska

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