Illustrated Word

Paraclete by Jane K. Kretschmann
Artwork, Serenity and Strength , by Jane Collin

Not as a ghost come to startle us in-
to submission or scare us from our sin,
but as a mother, after her child cries
from injury while misbehaving, sighs,


A Pentecost Day by Judy Krum
Artwork, Filled with the Spirit, by Donna Shasteen

the leaves marched in procession
behind the banner of the Dove, the spirit of newness and hope.
A Pentecost Day.


Death of a Loved One by Kathie McCarthy
Artwork, Living With Death, by Corinne Collymore Peters

It is certainly how we
the holy and beautiful children feel
When something we bring to life
or come to love is lost.

  Tenebrae by Elizabeth Hurst Downs
Sunrise over Smith Point, by Robert Lewis

Light of the world, blaze up
in me, in us, and spread
like wildfire leaping

  Awakening by Martha D. Peterson
The Paraclete, by Chuck Kirchner

At last, at last I hear Your Voice
Piercing the howl of lies.
I freely rest my soul in Thee…
My Home, my Paradise.


In the Darkness written and illustrated by Sr. Claire Joy

No glittering glory… only tender compassion
No mighty judgment… only merciful forgiveness
No shout of triumph… only silent, willing sacrifice.

This child’s destiny
Incomprehensible, impossible… yet true.


The Way of the Cross by Jan Christophersen
, Window of Pain, by Mary Ann Breisch

1    “Jesus is condemned to death.”
      Waiting tensely for the verdict
      – a wrenching time before the answer,
      “You have cancer.”

  Afternoon Tea by Kathie McCarthy
, Open Door, by Donna Shasteen

White-moth flowers promising
the crunchy sweet freshness of summer.
A fountain of life returning.

  Benediction by Ronda Broatch
, Blue Water, Green Rocks, by Michael Chesley Johnson

Knows only this prayer
burns deeper than words.



    Very Cool Rain (Prayer's of a Priest's Wife)
Written and illustrated by Erin McGee Ferrell

Have mercy oh Lord. Remember,
we are your beloved babes in arm.


Channel of Peace by Cynthia Leidal
Artwork, Pectoral Cross with First Covenant, by Kristin Anderson

To all people, to all nations wake up and see
The oneness that we are in Spirit
Awaken our desire for unity


Trust The Tortoise by Mary Kennan Herbert
Artwork, Lest I Think I Walk Alone, by Barbara Desrosiers

Above all, be patient. The tortoise slowly hauls
portraits into church, through the looking glass.


A Thought by Abram J. Ryan
Rose Abstraction, by Caroline Coolidge Brown

The flower which Bethlehem saw bloom
Out of a heart all full of grace
Gave never forth its full perfume
Until the cross became its vase.


Promise of the Garden by George W. Jones
Photograph, In the Garden, by Dan Hardison

When Easter comes to the Garden
a thousand entombed plants
will be bursting forward
and upward
into resurrection.


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