Art and Spirit : Expressions of Our Spiritual Connections
An Inaugural Exhibition to Celebrate the Opening of the New ECVA Chapter in the Diocese of Vermont

On Sunday, April 29 at St. Paul's Cathedral in Burlington, Vermont, an inaugural reception and exhibition was held to celebrate the birth of a a new ECVA chapter. The exhibition was entitled "Art and Spirit: Expressions of our Spiritual Connections". More>
  Discourse: Word and Image
David C. Cottingham and Ruth Susen Riley
Poet David C. Cottingham and artist Ruth Susen Riley collaborated with words and images to create a dynamic dialogue engaging both mind and emotion. Presented as an exhibition at the Preston Cutler Gallery at Christ Church, Hamilton, Massachusetts, the exhibit featured paintings displayed along with an excerpt from each poem.
  Plein Air Painting: An Old Tradition Renewed
By Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA
Have ever wondered what the term en plein air meant when used to describe a painting? Artist Michael Chesley Johnson explains the term, its history, and why this method of painting is so appealing.
  The Quiet Garden Movement:
A Ministry of Hospitality and Prayer

By Jackie Lock
Founded in England, The Quiet Garden Movement has spread around the world including the United States. Just as Jesus found time to withdraw "to a quiet place in a natural setting" we are learning again to "
benefit from a time of quiet reflection and teaching on Christian spirituality" spent in a garden.
  From Commission to Dedication:
Sculpting the Parable of the Prodigal Son for Duke Divinity School

By Margaret Adams Parker
When artist Peggy Parker received the commission for a sculpture to be part of the new addition at Duke Divinity School, she thought of "the great parable". Through her words and photos, we follow the creation of her sculpture Reconciliation from concept to installation. Also included is the story of the Prodigal Son told in bronze.
  Painting by Faith: An Artist Residency
By Tanja Butler
Artist Tanja Butler was invited to take part in an artist residency at Christ Church in Hamilton/Wenham, Massachusetts. So what is an
artist-in-residence program? Find out as Tanja describes this unique relationship between artist and church.
  Using Art to Enhance Your Message
By Katie Robbins
Do you think of your Web site as a brochure of information that only needs updating every couple of years? Or do you think of it as another parish newsletter? At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Fairfield, Connecticut, we have designed our site to serve as an internet magazine for parish communication, news, outreach, and ministry.
  Lenten Journey
Ruth Susen Riley
Christ Church, South Hamilton, Massachusetts, held an invitational exhibit of art during Lent 2003 and invited parishioners to contribute poetry. "As the images were compiled
digitally and matched with poems – so that words and images complimented each other – a book emerged." Artist Ruth Susen Riley tells us about the exhibit and the book Lenten Journey: A Visual and Poetic Observance of the Passion.
  Saints and Angels: Images of Faith in Polymer Clay
By Judy Gibson King
Artist Judy King talks about her sculpture and the process of working with polymer clay. "Someone once looked at a display of my clay work and said they appeared to be 'visual prayers'."
  Iconography: Byzantine-Style Icons
By Betsy Porter
Artist Betsy Porter provides us with a history of the traditional religious painting technique of icons and an explanation of the Prosopon Method of creating icons as taught by Vladislav Andrejev.  "Icons have been described as 'windows into heaven' and as 'making the invisible visible.'"
  The Stanzas
By J
ames Zingarelli
Artist James Zingarelli talks about his paintings based on the Italian word for room, stanza. In these paintings he explores characters, events, and relationships that make up our daily lives in the hope of finding "
generosity, hospitality, and music for your soul".
  Choosing Between a Transmission and a Crucifix
y Joel Haas
Sculptor Joel Haas tells us of his work one day on a coat rack that transformed itself into a crucifix and of his ponderings on what makes good or even interesting art.
  ECVA 2003 By Susan Dixon
  How Do Visual Arts Shape Spiritual Life? Conversation
  Building Anglican Liturgy By John W.Dixon, Jr., Ph.D.
  Art and Spirituality By Pippin Michelli, Ph.D.
  Art As A Means of Thinking and of Grace By John W. Dixon, Jr., Ph.D.

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