O Oriens Choirbook

The Rev. Judith A. Davis, PhD


Mixed media painting (watercolor, gouache, ink) on 18" x 24"

Artist Statement: I have imaged the Radiant Dawn" Antiphon, "O Oriens" or "O Dawn of the East," as an ancient, medieval, illuminated manuscript that would be found in a choir book that several choristers would place on a stand and gather around to chant the O Antiphon. Following the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, the margins are enhanced with images of flowers and butterflies, and the musical notation is Gregorian chant (which you can actually read and chant). Because of our own time, I have included this image as a choir book page in English and in Latin, so the choristers reading it could choose how to sing it. The watercolor paper is first painted with yellow ochre to resemble the ancient parchment paper and the music notes as well as the "historiated" initial "O" are enhanced with gold and silver gouache. This is a mixed media painting (watercolor, gouache, ink) on 18" x 24" watercolor paper. The paintings in the historiated initials are sunrises near the beach. I have chanted the O Antiphons for more than 30 years and studied liturgics and sacred music at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. I am an Episcopal priest on Cape Cod.

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