O Dawn of the East

Shin-hee Chin


Multi media fabric remnant collage

Artist Statement: When I create these Seven images of collages for O Antiphons, I utilize a variety of remnants of fabrics of clothing that included worn-out clothes, as well as “leftover” fabrics from my previous works. While my choice of old and recycled clothes derived from the course of recycling and improvising with my artistic materials that I realized the plentiful, or even infinite artistic potential of the devalued aspects of the domestic realm. Metaphors to Christian ideology arise in this method of working. Recycling old cloth repurposes cast off material, just as the human soul is given new value through the redemption of Christ. In making collages, new cloth over older layers, the older layers are not abolished, but rather a new interplay between the layers occurs. I also combine water colors and oil colors, Gesso and India ink, pastel and pencil, so it takes a slow process to let each mediums enhance one another.

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