O Dawn of the East

Jeanne Harris Weaver


18x24 inch mixed media

Artist Statement: Each morning as I walk the beach, I see the rising sun. At times the view is brilliant in warm hues; at other times, a sea of silvers. It is always magnificent. And I give thanks for this beautiful day placed before me— for the ocean, the sky and this beach which I am so fortunate to live on and to enjoy.

At the beach in the early morning is my time for prayer, where I walk alone by the cleansing water and rising sun. I thank my Dear Lord for the many blessings he has placed before me and search to understand how to use those blessing and gifts to His service; to ask for guidance and wisdom, patience and compassion; to bless those in trouble, sorrow, sickness and other adversities; to watch after those in danger and keep them safe; and to touch those whose hearts are closed to His unfailing love and healing power. I listen with all my senses for His response.

And so, with this painting I give thanks to my Dear Lord for His responses. May I always keep my heart open to listen and to know He is there in guidance each and every day.

O DAWN OF THE EAST, brightness of the light eternal, and Sun of Justice: Come, and enlighten them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.

This 18x24 inch painting on fine hot press watercolor paper is created by memory using gouache and enamel paints. Working from dark to light, I paint with gouache in the same way I use oils. I have used a limited palette of four colors: crimson, yellow ochre, ultramarine and cerulean plus white. In addition, purple, gold blue and white enamels were introduced to create the border and lettering. Purple was chosen because of the subtle purples in the sea scene and because of its liturgical significance during Advent. Signifying a name for Our Lord, I kept the capitalization of the first phrase of the O Antiphon.

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