Tessa Garver-Daniels



What is your only comfort in life and death?
Lithograph on Stonehenge paper.

Statement: This image was inspired by the first question in the Heidelberg catechism and my pregnancy. On All Saints Day while I was pregnant, I was thinking of all the people who have come before me. I was thinking about how this baby has lots of saints that have lead his path already. I was thinking about how there is only one hope as a mother for my little baby. There is only one thing that brings me comfort when I think about where this little baby will go and who he will be. I wanted to create something for his room. I wanted it to be calming. The only thing that is comforting in times of trouble or stress is the first question and answer to the Heidelberg catechism. That this little baby isn't mine but belongs to God in life and in death. I want that to bring him comfort too. I want him to think about all those Saints who came before him and know they helped get him here and they lift him up too. I guess this image is my prayer to my baby. I hope that it will give him comfort and peace. 



 I am a 31-year-old mom who lives in Morgantown, WV. I work at West Virginia University, and take printmaking classes here. I take printmaking classes because I love it and look forward to someday being accepted into the Masters program. I graduated from Kent State University with an art education degree in 2005. I worked at the Ohio EPA for many years. While I worked there I did liturgical art for my church in Akron Ohio, Akron Christian Reformed Church. I got married and had a baby, and then we moved to Morgantown for my husband's job. I would love nothing more to be an art Educator and an artist.  This year I decided to work hard to accomplish those goals.  


As an artist I focus on my own spirituality and spiritual journey. I grew up in a very strict oppressive fundamental church and that experience has leads the direction I take my work. I create work that has feminist tones; that comments on society and is full of conflict; and that comments on politics and the lack of grace in our culture.  All of that is coming from my personal faith and my direct experiences in my early life in the church. 


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