Joy Jennings



The Widow's Prayer

Statement: This past year, in February, I lost my husband to suicide. Needless to say, I have spent many moments in prayer and reflection in trying to make sense of my life again. This painting shows the emptiness of the room without my husband, but it also shows the many ways to pray. I have my music, my sketchbook, my journal, as well as my moments for centering prayer. I tried to capture the reflection of light in the room, for through all the grief, you do learn that there is light that shines in the darkness.


Bio: I came into the world of art through dance.  I have taken what I learned from the study of dance and choreography and have applied it to my paintings.  I am especially aware of the movement of the lines in the painting, in the placement of color, and in the reflection of light.  I have recently completed a two-year study in spiritual direction and hope to use my art in conjunction with this training. I have recently led several workshops and quiet days on art and spirituality.  I also enjoy painting landscapes, especially scenes from France, where I once studied, and scenes from New Orleans, which is near my home.  I want to portray the sacred in the ordinary world of day to day.


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