Penny Ross



She Carries Me
Torn-paper collage



Sheíll be green as the leaves
With flashes of light.
Carrying me in her arms,
Weightless Iíll be.
Held in a hug
Iíll be like a dance,
ĎA feather on the breath of God.í


Bio: Penny Ross received her B.F.A. and B. S. in Ed. from the University of Cincinnati in 1962 where she lived the first twenty-five years of her life. She lived the next forty-seven years in the Pocono Mountains in Northeast Pennsylvania. In 1987 she received her M.A. from New York University. She recently moved to a Quaker C.C.R.C. in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Throughout all this time, she has made art, shown her art in exhibitions and galleries, won numerous awards, and her work resides
in many public and private collections.



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