Lynn Chidwick



Kateri and Joseph
Glass, 47 by 47 inches
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, 2013

Statement: This window depicts Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680) and Joseph Chiwatenhwa.


Joseph helped the Jesuits translate prayers and spread the Word to his people and is depicted kneeling in prayer. Kateri was the first Native American to achieve sainthood. She spent  much of her time devoted to prayer and is said to have achieved a perfect union with God through prayer. She is depicted here with head bowed in prayer.


The overriding theme is "Lines of Communication" which are used by Native Woodland artists to indicate relationships. Here the lines of communication (straight lines with small circles) link Kateri and Joseph directly to the Jesuit symbol (IHS), symbolizing their profound devotion to the Church.


Kateri, known as Lily of the Mohawks is surrounded by garden of stylized lilies. Surrounding the window is a circle with a native motif representing the sacred circle of life. The colour choices and design are influenced by Native artist Norval Morrisseau.


Bio: Experimenting with many media over the years, Lynn has devoted her work to the time honoured tradition of stained and leaded glass. Working closely with clients, She translates ideas into uniquely personalized pieces of art that illuminate architectural spaces. Inspired by nature and artists past and present, her bending and blending of colour and light elevates the spirit. Lynn has a diverse range of styles ranging from Geometric Abstract, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Contemporary, and Impressionist. Lynn creates original designs, drawing from the essence of these rich and varied traditions.


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