Jeanne Harris Weaver



Self-Portrait: Lamentation To Todd

Statement: Lamentation To My Son, 1LT Todd William Weaveró


Aching sorrow and grief consume me.

Yet, I know your soul is free, unburdened

and radiant with Eternal Light far

Surpassing anything I can fathom.


I cannot bear knowing I will no longer 

See your loving smile or watch your 

Quiet, happy disposition across the room.


My heart will always hold sorrow, missing you.

I pray you will continue to touch me

As you have this past month with the 

Sound of your voice, the light of your soul, the sense of your presence.


With the knowledge of your Soul, free and bright; 

And with the Grace of God I will find

The strength and courage to Honor you--

All that you were and all that you are.


I will preserve your plans and dreams

For your family, nurturing them with 

Your memory; and your hopes for the future 

For your loved ones and for your Nation.


Bio: Prayer Comes in Many Forms. In the early weeks after Todd was killed in Afghanistan, our family discussed how we would Honor his sacrifice and remember his life. As an artist, I would paint.  Three months later, I began the process of painting a series of oils about Toddís life and his death. I painted to music Todd loved and to spiritual music eight hours a day, seven days a week.  Eighteen months later, 21 paintings were complete.


Over time, I came to realize my process of painting was a form of prayer. God was beckoning me to be a witness to His Glory. It brought me close to Todd, and to God through the Holy Spirit. Today, living within the presence of God, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit brings me immense Joy.



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