Cathie Meighan, SSJ



Oil on canvas

Quiet stillness fills me as I listen

to a voice deep within

a voice, which, beckons and invites

me to a deepening

as I step quietly into this sacred

and familiar place of prayer.


This is a well-known place of the spiritual,

where the connection with a personal God

is all about an intimate moment, a brief encounter in time

where I experience a deep yearning within my heart.


In the stillness of Godís presence I feel his guidance

as I follow his summoning me along a path of interior longing.


I am moved to respond to an invitation,

which calls me to go inward.

As I sit contemplatively waiting for God

to speak to my heart

I am moved by this subtle breeze which invites and

challenges me

to go deep within to find Godís invitation

to be birthed anew.


Bio: In 1976, at the age of 21, I entered the order of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. My teaching career has spanned thirty-seven years.


In 2010 one of my paintings was accepted into the 70th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Woodmere Museum in Philadelphia. In 2011 two of my paintings were accepted in the New Wilmington Art Association exhibition, RSVP 2011. In 2012 my MFA Thesis was at the Dibden Gallery, VT. In 2012 my show, Evolving, was at the Dwight V. Dowley Gallery at Chestnut Hill College. In 2013 I had a Solo show at the Episcopal Cathedral, Philadelphia. I participated in the Large Format Paintings juried show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club in 2013. The works on paper juried show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. The NWAA Debut 2014 juried show at the Pierre S. Dupont Gallery at the Tower Hill school in Wilmington DE.



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