Anneke Kaai



The Canaanite Woman's Prayer
Acrylic and mixed-media on Plexiglass

Statement: Jesus traveled to the north of Israel, over
the border into Phoenicia. A woman came to Jesus, she called out: “Have mercy on me, my daughter is plagued by an unclean spirit!” Jesus ignored her. Eventually he answered: “I have come to rescue the lost people of Israel.” Still she cried out: “Lord, help me!” Jesus said: “It is not good to give to the dogs the bread that was meant for the children.” She answered: “Yes, Lord, but the dogs may eat the crumbs that fall from the table.” Jesus responded: “Woman, you have great faith, and her daughter was healed.


We see in the centre, a red table shape that represents God’s love, and on it is a broken loaf of bread. Below we see the desperate woman but also faintly a dog, attentively waiting for breadcrumbs. Jesus came to save Israel, but his love stretched much further, even to Phoenicia, so both are white colored now.


Bio: Dutch artist Anneke Kaai trained at the Gooise Academie for fine arts before joining the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Since then she has largely concentrated on developing her unique style, which she describes as ‘abstract and symbolic.’ Inspiration for her means being breathed into by the Holy Spirit. She painted the series: The Creation, The Apocalypse, The Ten Commandments, The Apostolic Creed, The Psalms, Bible Words, Relations with God, Biblical Women, and a series about Prayers. All these series are in print, also in the English language. The book of the Bible Words “In a Word” has a text special written by Eugene Petersen, the book “She shall be called Woman” about Biblical Women, has a special text written by Mary Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon.



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