Jerry Di Falco



The Whispering Woman At Prayer
Oil-based white French etching ink on Stonehenge Black printmaking paper (UK) with Thai mulberry bark color paper Chine collé overlay attached with
studio-made organic methylcellulose.

Statement: Prayer is a creative tool through which we attain contact with the Enlightened Awareness of the Universe; it is a "birthing" tool, a "teaching" tool, and a "nurturing" tool. What's more, the "prayer-tool" is a primordial one, which is also innate to "Feminine Consciousness." As such, when women (and men with "Feminine Consciousness") pray—when they establish a nexus with the Great Enlightened Awareness of the Universe, some "thing" magical happens in the cosmos.


Bio: Jerry Di Falco has exhibited etchings, paintings, mixed-media assemblages, and environmental installations in over 400 shows around the world since 1979. Di Falco's accolades include: the City of Philadelphia's Award in Arts and Culture (2009); an Individual Artist's Fellowship in Painting from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation in New York City (2002, $30,000), and two Individual Artist's Grants from the Pennsylvania State Arts Council (1992, 1987).
Di Falco has received several Artist Residencies, which include: The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rutgers University, Drexel University, and the Philadelphia School District, and Nexus Foundation for Today's Art. He holds an M.S. from Drexel University (1985) and a BFA from Rutgers University (1974). Currently, Jerry acts as a Studio Monitor at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Open Studio in Etching at their school, the Fleisher Art Memorial (since 2009). 



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