Sarah Peschell



Sacred Work
Oil on reclaimed panel and found-glass fragments

Statement: This piece “Sacred Work” came about in response to the challenge issued to visually represent women at prayer. As I was contemplating how to visualize a woman at prayer, I decided that my mother would be my inspiration and model for this piece. I chose to portray her busy sewing as she has taken the ordinary, mundane task of production sewing as an opportunity to create a regular, distinct, extended prayer time in her life. Now, each day as she sits down at her sewing machine to begin working, her task is transformed into sacred work as she begins to pray. Many people and many situations get covered in prayer regularly during this time.


Bio: My name is Sarah Peschell, and I am an artist who is fascinated by patterns and repetitions—whether in nature or an urban setting. Patterns tend show up in my photographs and have become the focus of my work. I also work with re-purposed materials, incorporating these found objects into my work. I strive to create work that invites the viewer to stop for a moment and reconsider the mundane, ordinary objects and see the beauty in them. I graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2012, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.



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