Carol Ann Webb



Hands Of Healing 2
Acrylic on paper

Statement: Hands of Healing was a gift from the Spirit, two weeks after my dad died. As often happens, the Spirit only gave me a part of the song, leaving it up to me to complete (or not). Although a parish organist, I have not taken music theory classes—and had certainly never composed any music prior to waking up that gifted morning with the first 4 notes of the melody and the accompanying words, “Hands of healing” running through my head. As it turned out, the song fragment/Spirit wouldn’t let me go, compelling me to finish it.


After a week, the melody and remaining words were completed, becoming a breath prayer for me, chanted over and over and over, consciously and subconsciously, a song-prayer without ceasing for the next year as I struggled with harmonizing it.


Bubbling up even as I was in the midst of other activities, Hands of Healing became an instrument of healing for me as I grieved my dad’s death that first year. As my focus gradually flowered outward again, I began chanting the hymn when praying for others—inserting a name in the text: “Hands of healing, Jesus, lay on Betty; gentle hands of healing, Jesus, lay on Betty.”


May Hands of Healing be a source of strength, comfort and healing to all who pray it—a gift to you from the Spirit.



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