Kathy Gibson



Psalm 121

Statement: Psalm 121 begins with "I lift my eyes to the hills." Upon my mother's passing, I found a bookmark with this Psalm. That small discovery has stayed with me since then. You see, she wasn't a religious woman. However, this passage must have resonated with her. And, I believe that is the case for many generations of women, whether they be connected to a formal religious affiliation or not. Peering from an opening in a tent or a kitchen window, women have looked beyond the landscape of their lives
to the distant horizon in yearning for comfort, for help. This psalm acknowledges that those who seek Him can be reassured. In the darkest of moments, He is ever vigilant and caring. It is the reaching for His hand by ours that gives us strength. That is what inspired my painting of "Psalm 121."


Bio: I am self-taught artist, having taken various classes and workshops in and around the Washington, D.C. area. I began painting in earnest about eight years ago after retirement and after some years of care giving for family members. Living close to the Atlantic seacoast gives me the opportunity to paint plein air, the seascapes and harbors. When not out on location painting, I enjoy the studio work of abstracts.


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