Janet McKenzie



Inori - The Prayer
Oil on canvas

Statement: I think of life as a duality, the need for community is vital but perhaps the greater need is for the private and interior life, including prayer. I don't see how anyone can navigate this existence, with or without religion, without prayer. I never considered prayer to be formal but I have always considered it to be private, part of myself I do not share. It is just that way. The two women in this painting reflect this duality, one looks out at us, the greater community and the other turns inward, in prayer and in conversation with eternity, with God.


Bio: Contemporary American artist Janet McKenzie has committed her life and art to celebrating women's lives and gifts. Best known for her "Jesus of the People," the controversial winner of National Catholic Reporter's Jesus 2000 international competition, McKenzie's work boldly confronts and confounds stereotypical thinking with luminous and haunting imagery. Her art was featured in book form in Holiness and the Feminine Spirit The Art of Janet McKenzie and The Way of the Cross The Path to New Life (written by Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB), published by Orbis Books. Her art has been exhibited at the Haggerty Museum of Art in Milwaukee and the Loyola University Museum of Art in Chicago, among other venues throughout the country. Janet McKenzie was the 2013 William Belden Noble Lecturer at the Memorial Church, Harvard University.


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