The Lord said to Abram, ‘in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.’ (Genesis 12:3b)

Each piece of art in this exhibition is a prayer or meditation on all that God embraces under Abraham’s tent. The artists’ visions are revealed in bold, bright colors and strong, clean lines; created with the softness of quilted fabric, lace, and watercolor; yet embracing the hardness of stones, knives, and graffiti. We see faces that are warm, welcoming, weathered, and wise. The settings include desert sands and seawater, open skies and burning flames.

These images illustrate stories we have from scripture, the struggles we face to live in an increasingly interconnected world, and our dream for Abraham’s tent to be a place of blessing for his descendants—uncountable as grains of sand, numerous as the stars—and all the families of the earth.

Today, more than fifty percent of the world’s people are affiliated with religions that trace their roots to Abraham, first named Abram, called Ibrahim in Arabic. When God called Abram, he responded.  When strangers appeared at his tent, he offered them hospitality.  When God asked Abraham to make the ultimate sacrifice, he submitted. After seeing Abraham’s supreme faith and commitment, God spared his son Isaac’s life, sending an angel and a ram.

This past summer, we heard the stories of Abraham and Sarah’s descendants in the Revised Common Lectionary. Rebekah is discovered for Isaac at a well. Her son Jacob works for fourteen years to earn the right to marry Leah and Rachel. Jacob dreams of a ladder to heaven and wrestles with an angel, building altars of stone to mark these holy places. Jacob's and Rachel’s youngest son, Joseph, is sold into slavery and later reconciles with his brothers in Egypt, where their descendants would remain for 400 years until crossing the Red Sea with Moses. 

Today, the “promised land” is in the daily news as a place where the Abrahamic peoples 
seem unable to coexist in freedom, dignity, and love. Yet, this land is also the place where
Sufi dervishes whirl in ecstatic communion with the Beloved, and where Christians make pilgrimage to the spots where our savior Jesus taught, prayed, and was crucified.

This collection of art calls for harmony among all God’s children,
joyous in our diversity, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons,
connected in a long lineage and a kaleidoscope
of colors, traditions, and prayers that
 “all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Bowie Snodgrass, Curator
Faith House Manhattan Executive Director


Judith Barcroft | Geraldine Benfante | Wilfredo Benitez 1, 2 | Sherry Byrd | Deborah Cantwell  

Eulah Capron | Mary Anne Carley | Ruth Councell 1, 2 | Barbara Desrosiers | Gerard Di Falco  

Debra Gabel | Linda Hunter | Lucy Janjigian | C. Robin Janning | Roberta Karstetter | Kellianne Land

Mary Jane Miller | Deborah Risa Mrantz 1, 2 | RaRa Schlitt | Irvane Spracklin | Janet Strickler | Diane Walker









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