Roberta Karstetter

Lapsarian - The Fall

3-D Assemblage Art

Artist Statement: Lapsarian from Latin: lapare: to slip, to fall, to stumble. This assemblage visualizes the Genesis story of "The Fall". The fruit, from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, (apple with teeth), and a serpent (snake) winding in it. Eve's hand holding an apple core. Adam, an apple core behind him, is shown clothed with fig leaves and an animal hide (turtle shell).

bio: Having tried different mediums in art, I most enjoy using unique, eclectic objects, working the objects together in an expression, or thought, that evokes emotion, and a sense of "Ah-Ha!". Much of my assemblage art takes a light hearted look at things or events, but many offer a deeper, reflective view of the spiritual, and our journey with God, and each other.

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